Roundtable Discussion on Ar-Rahnu Products


Bank Rakyat in collaboration with International Research Centre of Islamic Economics and Finance (IRCIEF) KUIS had organised the Roundtable Discussion on Ar-Rahnu Products on 31 December 2014 at the Senate Hall, KUIS. The programme was attended by 11 panelists and 19 observers from Bank Rakyat, Bank Islam, ISRA, YAPEIM, UIAM and KUIS.

The panelists were Dr. Mohamed Fairooz Abdul Khir (ISRA), Encik Burhanuddin Lukman (ISRA), Prof. Dr. Azman Mohd Noor (IIUM), Encik Wan Rumaizi Wan Husin (Bank Rakyat), Encik Abdullaah Jalil (Bank Rakyat), Prof. Madya Dr. Siti Salwani Razali (Bank Rakyat), Encik Mohd Nazri Chik (Bank Islam), Encik Hairul Fazli Mohammad Som (KUIS), Encik Khairul Anuar Ahmad (KUIS), dan Encik Ahmad Yani Ismail (KUIS).

The observers from KUIS were Encik Muhammad Subari Ramli, Puan Maffuza Mohd Salleh, Puan Sa’diah Abdul Karim, Puan Nurul Wajhi Ahmad, Dr. Nor Hakimah Haji Mohd Nor, Puan Farah Mohd Shahwahid, Puan Norhanizah Johari and Puan Nurhayati Abdul Ghani while Puan Nazifah Mustaffha and Puan Marliana Abdullah acted as the resolution writers for the programme.

The programme with the theme Discussion on Ar-Rahnu of Bank Rakyat: Structure and Issues was organised with the main objective to revisit and re-evaluate the Ar-Rahnu product in ensuring Shariah compliant and halal income of the Bank Ar-Rahnu activities and to find solutions to the issues.

The one-day programme was officiated by KUIS Rector Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ab. Halim bin Tamuri and the discussion was moderated by Vice President, Shariah Compliance of Bank Rakyat, Encik Mohd Zamerey bin Abdul Razak. The result was a wide-ranging debate and fruitfull discussion that covered all issues identified and agreed upon by the panelists at the end of the programme.

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