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International Islamic University College Selangor (IIUCS) is an Islamic Higher Education Institution wholly owned by the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) established under the IPTS Act 1996. Its official establishment on 15 February 1995 proves the Selangor state government's commitment in developing education and knowledge excellence agenda . As an educational legacy of DYMM Sultan of Selangor which is always preserved and treated as a catalyst for the tradition of knowledge and unification of Muslims in the state of Selangor, IIUCS strives to produce Dai, Ulama and Umarak.

Based on the motto "Leaders of the Knowledge Tradition", as well as the beauty of the campus which is characterized by the architectural history of the glory of Islamic Andalusia, IIUCS has moved based on the vision and mission to face all challenges and changes aggressively and proactively to achieve an educational institution that provides academic studies based on monotheism and appropriate with the needs of today as well as physical needs in line with the Islamic "niche" that meets the direction of Islamic education and a quality National Education Policy in heading to an Islamic University in the near future. This effort is supported by the ranks of lecturers and staff who have the nature of mudarris, mu`allim, muaddib, murabbi, and mursyid.

IIUCS offers study programs at the Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Philosophy levels that have met the qualifications of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) across various disciplines including Islamic studies, business studies, Islamic banking, education, communication, and information technology.

IIUCS maintains the initial objective of its establishment to produce more Islamic professionals who are able to lead the community as well as develop and expand Islamic knowledge. In addition, IIUCS also plays a role in providing alternatives to further their studies to a higher level.

IIUCS expands its network of MoUs and MoAs in academic development, research and innovation as an Islamic higher education institution that is always relevant nationally and internationally.

IIUCS consistently elevates the Institution of Masjid al Azhar IIUCS as the pulse of spiritual heights, knowledge excellence, the axis of human development and the symbol of the unity of the ummah through congregational prayers that form a bond of brotherhood and love.

With conducive facilities, IIUCS also prioritizes holistic personality development programs, pious environmental principles (bi'ah), Early climate development, role models (qudwah hasanah), academic excellence and ummah service programs, towards producing IIUCS members who has praiseworthy morals and is always devoted to religion, race and the formation of the country Baldatun Tayyibatul Wa Rabbul Ghaffor.

In line with that, IIUCS is fully responsible for providing Islamic education to the community as a requirement of fardhu kifayah and placing the height of knowledge as the basis of human development and national progress. As the Word of Allah in surah al-Mujaadalah, verse 11 which means: "Allah will raise those who have believed among you and those who were given knowledge, by degrees"